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Footpaths new estates

We work closely with the builders and developers of new estates whilst following the council guidelines, and conduct concreting projects like those of pouring concrete for footpaths and pathways. Footpaths and general paving works are usually done with plain concrete (can be colored too, as per the accessibility, and choice) and therefore we carry out the same by utilizing our expertise and experience.

New Estates are likely to be judged by the buyers in terms of the quality and durability of the roads, footpaths, driveways, etcetera. With us, you do not have to worry about the quality of the concrete, and the aesthetics of the finished job as we take pride in saying that Future Proof Concreting is amongst the best in the industry.

Council work

We specialize in pouring concrete for the council work, as our seamless workflow process has evidently accomplished concrete projects in the past. We have a thorough understanding of the council standards and specifications, along with previous experience in all aspects of the concreting industry. At Future Proof Concreting, our team of experts holds the necessary skills, and licenses to operate as a concreter in Australia.

We have extensive experience in doing concrete jobs for the council, be it pouring concrete for footpaths, crossovers, or roads.

As professionals in the field, we operate with a “can-do” and “safety-first” attitude, thereby working tirelessly to do the job with perfection.

Breakout and reinstate

If you are looking for concrete breakout and reinstatement, you are in the right place. The issues with poor quality concrete can prove to be dangerous in the long run. If the concrete pouring process was inefficient in the first place, there will be a need for reinstatement.

Our team carries out concrete breakout using the specialized equipment and tools, as per the requirements, and then begin with the reinstatement of the same. There are several methods for reinstatement that include Insitu Cast Concrete, Epoxy, Shotcrete, and Proprietary Render. At Future Proof Concreting, we choose the most appropriate one considering the costs and accessibility of the same.

We understand that the costs for breakouts can be high, hence, we consider alternative methods of concrete repair too if possible. Our experts know the right thing to do for your concrete patch/area, therefore, you can count on us for all things concrete!

Driveways and crossover

Driveways and crossovers are made using the best quality concrete, and an efficient concrete pouring process at Future Proof Concreting. Concrete driveways and crossovers are not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhance its functionality.

We do sturdy driveways and crossovers for residential and commercial properties, to give you peace of mind for its durability, and stunning appearance. No wonder driveways are taken care of as personal property and would have a bit of traffic if they lead to a commercial space.

Our experienced professionals guide you through the available options as per the design of your property, and hence, suggest the best fit for you. Whether it is a sturdy driveway or a crossover, a basic one, or an elegant take on the same, we cater to it all.

Contact us today to have a detailed discussion and we shall be happy to help you.

Exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete is a decorative concrete that is not only durable and low maintenance but is also visually captivating. At Future Proof Concreting, we hold the expertise in providing the exposed aggregate service in Melbourne and its suburbs.

Exposed aggregate is most suitable for driveways, pathways, & patios, as it is cost-efficient, strong enough to withstand Australia’s climate, and is non-slippery.

Our work is backed up by years of experience and skill, and hence, when we pour concrete, we ensure that the job is carried out with perfection. Being professionals in the industry, we can proudly say that the concrete jobs we do last for years, which is evident from the past work we have done for our esteemed clients.


Footings are an essential part of the entire construction project. Concrete footings support the foundation construction and avert settling. Our professionals have engaged themselves in numerous concrete footing projects and therefore, they have an in-depth understanding of the placement of footings to ensure perfect and proper support to lay a strong foundation to a building/structure.

We understand the soil conditions, the climate, and hence, come up with appropriate depth, width, and size of the footings that support the future structure in an efficient way. We pour high-quality concrete sourced from trusted suppliers, into a trench to lay a strong foundation in places where the soil conditions might not be favorable.

Concrete cutting

Future Proof Concreting offers a range of concrete cutting services in Melbourne and its surrounding suburban areas.
We have all the specialized equipment and tools to conduct concrete cutting efficiently. Be it concrete scanning, hand sawing, core drilling, demolition sawing, or road cutting, we cater to it all.

Concrete scanning helps in determining the depth of an object and provides indications if there is an AC current flowing underneath/through the concrete. We use hand sawing when the concrete is below 150 mm as it is the most preferred technique in this case. Core drilling is done to carry out concrete cutting on the toughest concrete surfaces.

We use demolition sawing to cut concrete to a size that can be carried, as we have the necessary tools and skilled workforce for the same. If the concrete surfaces are up to 700mm depth, we cut concrete slabs using road sawing.

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Concrete polishing

Concrete polishing is an amazing flooring choice for all kinds of properties- be it residential, commercial, or industrial. Polished concrete gives a stunning appearance to the floor and comes with long-term benefits that are often ignored by other flooring alternatives. Concrete polishing leads to a surface that is durable, scratch and slip-resistance, and low to no maintenance.

Concrete polishing is a process of achieving a surface finish that is smooth and impressive, and it achieved by grinding the concrete.

At Future Proof Concreting, we carry out concrete polishing effortlessly to deliver the best results as our team works according to the latest technology, whilst abiding by the Australian standards and ethics of workmanship.


We carry out concrete kerbing to the highest standards. Whether it is Kerb by machine or Kerb by hand, we cater to it as per the VicRoads, and the local council standards. We have access to extrusion machines for Kerb projects too, for incorporating different Kerb connections and transitions.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and ensure that every project that we undertake is accomplished in time to the highest quality. As specialists in commercial and domestic kerbing, we have successfully worked with numerous commercial and residential clients for the same.

To associate with kerbing specialists in Melbourne at Future Proof Concreting, please feel free to contact us.

Concrete removal

If you are looking for a concrete removal specialist, do not look any further than where you are right now. As experts in concrete removal in both residential and commercial sectors, we only use the latest tools to do the job. We have a vast experience in demolition and concrete removal in Melbourne and its suburbs.

For us, no job is big or small. We take up jobs right from small residential projects, to large, extensive commercial projects. You might want concrete removal for various reasons, be it to utilize your space by removing the concrete walls, or to amplify your residential/commercial driveways/pathways by adding a green patch in place of the concrete. Whatever the reason may be, we can help! Our expertise ensures that the surrounding areas remain untouched and undamaged during the concrete removal process.

Let us know your requirements today and we will be happy to assist you.

House Slab

This service includes laying a strong foundation for all kinds of residential properties.

We usually pour house slabs using formwork, that is flawlessly engineered for properties located in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

We use different formwork for the kind of slab which is to be laid, be it a ground slab, or a suspended slab. Our experts know what suits the best for you.

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Factory Slab

Future Proof Concreting works to exceed clients’ expectations, and build factory slabs that are strong enough for an efficient construction to take place.

Whether your factory is static or deals in loaded trucks and moving equipment, our concrete factory slabs cater to it all.

We understand the value of your time, and therefore, our punctual team completes the job within the set deadlines.

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